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Haley Long
November 21, 2016 | Haley Long

Holiday Pairings

The Georgia Winery hand-crafted wines will pair well with your favorite holiday dishes!

First, we have matched Tara Bella, our 100% Muscadine semi-sweet wine, with dressing. The smooth, Southern wine also compliments the star of the show, the turkey, very well. 

Next, Scarlett, our semi-sweet combination of Cayuga and DeChenauc grapes, is the perfect addition to your assortment of roasted vegetables, or even a family recipe like homemade pumpkin soup. 

A glass of the limited-edition, port inspired Ives Noir will be a wonderful pair to go along with any holiday dessert - especially cinnamon crumb cake!

Southern Blush, our sweet and spicy Southern classic, is ideal when accompanying your fruit salad or even a chocolate dish you have prepared for your family. 

The seasonal, Holiday Cheer, a master mix of Muscadine and Cranberries, will be superb when paired with turkey, dressing, or even the holiday favorite, pecan pie. 

When looking to find the best match between chocolates and wine, you want to find the blend of flavors that compliment each other ideally. If you are dipping into white chocolate, try it with a glass of our award-winning Georgia on My Mind, a divine combination of Muscadines and Peaches. Milk chocolate covered strawberries or a milk chocolate mousse will pair it with some of our Tail Gate Red! Dark chocolate, which is bittersweet, doesn't naturally pair with white wines, but it is a perfect mix with a glass of Southern Blush. 



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Layne Ford
November 2, 2016 | Layne Ford

New Wines!

The Georgia Winery adds a new dry wine to the line up! Merlot, the perfect wine to start out on if you’re new to red wines.  This soft, elegant red wine was made at the Georgia Winery’s farm in the Chattanooga Valley. The grapes used to make this wonderful red are from Washington state. Merlot grapes from Washington state are used in this wine because of the weather elements that help them grow best. Georgia Winery prides itself in growing muscadines organically and obtaining the other varieties of grapes needed from the climates they grow best in in order to create the very best handcrafted wines! 

The seasonal wine, Holiday Cheer, is back! A delightful mix of sugary sweet Muscadines and tart cranberries make this a holiday classic. As always, there is a limited supply of Holiday Cheer available in the store and online starting today, November 1st.  Serve chilled or mulled. More new wines coming from the Georgia Winery in 2017!

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