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What Makes Georgia Winery Unique?


We do our best to source local grapes that are native to America.  So, although we do offer the vinifera "dry" wines made from European or international grape stock, we specialize in wines that are native to America. 

In the South, Muscadines thrive naturally in this area without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.  Most of our wines are made from this grape because this is what our area offers.  

It may be possible to grow vinifera grapes in other parts of the state, but at what cost?  Chemical farming is not something we are interested in.  We get grapes local as we believe this is the best product you can find- both for health and for sustainability.  We produce in small batches, using the least number of sulfites possible, and employ a freeze fermentation that allows fermentation to occur as slowly as possible, thus, reducing the number of sulfites and additives needed.  

The biggest difference between Georgia Winery and other wines at any wine shop, besides producing wines made from our local grape- Muscadine, is that we produce sweet wines.  Sweet wines that are not tied to "dinner" but can be served anytime, anywhere.  We try to get our wines to taste like the fruit itself- not like alcohol. 

And our wines go through 9+ months of fermentation to produce that killer taste.  That most people can enjoy.  A wine that people do not need food to pair with food or to wash the food down.  These wines taste good by themselves.  Our muscadine wine tastes like Muscadine juice.  Compare our Muscadine wine with a fresh muscadine, they taste about the same. 

So, the taste of the fresh Muscadine that has been preserved through a fermentation process and can be enjoyed months after harvest.  Bottled wine that tastes like juice that can be enjoyed anywhere- that's Georgia Winery.  So, you get all the benefits of wine, but with a taste of juice.  




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