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Layne Ford
November 2, 2016 | Layne Ford

New Wines!

The Georgia Winery adds a new dry wine to the line up! Merlot, the perfect wine to start out on if you’re new to red wines.  This soft, elegant red wine was made at the Georgia Winery’s farm in the Chattanooga Valley. The grapes used to make this wonderful red are from Washington state. Merlot grapes from Washington state are used in this wine because of the weather elements that help them grow best. Georgia Winery prides itself in growing muscadines organically and obtaining the other varieties of grapes needed from the climates they grow best in in order to create the very best handcrafted wines! 

The seasonal wine, Holiday Cheer, is back! A delightful mix of sugary sweet Muscadines and tart cranberries make this a holiday classic. As always, there is a limited supply of Holiday Cheer available in the store and online starting today, November 1st.  Serve chilled or mulled. More new wines coming from the Georgia Winery in 2017!

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Layne Ford
July 13, 2016 | Layne Ford

We're growing!

The Georgia Winery is growing! In the last few weeks they have received more new tanks and will be receiving more this month. New tanks will make a total of ten 3,000 gallon tanks and 4 6,500 gallon tanks, with a plan to get more before 2016 ends. They are tripling our wine production this year to gear up for additional distribution 2017. 

Wine in grocery stores in Tennessee has really opened a door up for more distribution and expansion across the southeast. Georgia Winery is now carried in Chattanooga Food City’s and it is in the works to be carried in more chain stores in Chattanooga this year. CEO Tara Taymore says “ In 2011 we signed for Chattanooga and surrounding areas, but wine in grocery stores have opened us up to the entire state.”

Plans for 2017 include a new wine making facility to accommodate the anticipated growth. In the spirit of new growth, the Winery will also be releasing two new dry wines this year! More information on the new wines will be released soon so keep an eye out! To keep up with Winery News regularly, sign up for the email blast on the homepage of the website.


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Layne Ford
July 11, 2016 | Layne Ford

Find Georgia Winery in Food City!

Georgia Winery partners with Food City! Georgia Winery wines can now be found at Chattanooga Food City stores. Visit Food City to get your sweet southern wine today. Check out what wines we have available and celebrate Tennessee selling wine in grocery stores with a bottle of Chattanooga Blush or Concord wine! 


Visit our Store Locator page to find a store near you! If you would like to know the selection the store carries in advance please call and ask as each store may be different.


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Layne Ford
May 5, 2016 | Layne Ford

May Slushies

Wine Slushy recipies and food pairings!

Slushy Recipe:

1 Bottle of wine
1 Bag of slushy mix
3 Cups of water
Freeze for 4-6 hours.



Piña Colada + Piña Colada Mix
Pair with Teriyaki Chicken

Niagara + Margarita Mix
Pair with Steak Fajitas

Blueberry Blush + Pomegranate Mix
Pair with Cheesecake

Strawberry + Strawberry Mix
Pair with Dark Chocolate

Southern Sangria + Sangria Mix
Pair with Blue Cheese Crusted Steak

Georgia on my Mind + Peach Bellini
Pair with Crab Cakes


Our featured slushies for May are Piña Colada + Piña Colada Mix and Niagara + Margarita Mix. The perfect drinks to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with! Stop by the store and try them!

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Layne Ford
May 4, 2016 | Layne Ford

New Tasting Room Hours!

The Georgia Winery is excited to announce the launch of our new Tasting Room hours! We are now open 7 days a week! Our new hours are

Monday-Thursday 10:00-6:00
Friday & Saturday 10:00-8:00
Sunday 12:30-6:00

Our Office Hours will remain the same, Monday-Friday 10:00-6:00.

This means more time for our wonderful customers to stop by and get their sweet southern wine fix, after work or on the weekends. Come by and taste our Slushies of the Month!

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