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Layne Ford
November 2, 2016 | Marketing | Layne Ford

New Wines!

The Georgia Winery adds a new dry wine to the line up! Merlot, the perfect wine to start out on if you’re new to red wines.  This soft, elegant red wine was made at the Georgia Winery’s farm in the Chattanooga Valley. The grapes used to make this wonderful red are from Washington state. Merlot grapes from Washington state are used in this wine because of the weather elements that help them grow best. Georgia Winery prides itself in growing muscadines organically and obtaining the other varieties of grapes needed from the climates they grow best in in order to create the very best handcrafted wines! 

The seasonal wine, Holiday Cheer, is back! A delightful mix of sugary sweet Muscadines and tart cranberries make this a holiday classic. As always, there is a limited supply of Holiday Cheer available in the store and online starting today, November 1st.  Serve chilled or mulled. More new wines coming from the Georgia Winery in 2017!


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