What is a Muscadine?

  Muscadine: "The Smarter Wine"

"Per Vitam! Ad Vitam"

The toast translates to "Through the vine! To life."

Muscadines are truly a Southern Treasure! Just one more benefit of Southern living, as they are only found here! A Muscadine is a grape. They are different than most grapes in that they do not grow in a bunch. They grow two to three together on the vine, are thick-skinned, pulpy, and have large seeds. Their flavor is phenomenal, and their aroma is heavenly. The Muscadine grape makes a most wonderfully delicious sweet wine: incomparable and delectable.

Muscadines have 20 paired chromosomes vs. European grapes which have 19. The additional genes allow Muscadines to produce its unique balance of phytochemicals. They are classified as a separate species of grape and thrive under conditions that kill European grapes, making it the SMARTER WINE!


 Why we grow Muscadines:

The Muscadine, America's native grape, is nature's #1 source of antioxidants and resveratrol. Georgia is the world's #1 producer of Muscadine. Unlike common vinifera wine grapes, which cannot survive the harsh climate of the Southeastern United States without the aid of chemical pesticide sprays, Muscadine grapes naturally grow and thrive in the hot, humid, disease prone climate of the South. Muscadine is the first indigenous grape to be cultivated in the U.S. You can only find this southern treasure here! 

Several years ago, we noticed how well our Muscadines grew here in relation to the other grape varieties we had planted. The other varieties suffered from fungus problems due to our area's warm, humid summer nights, while the Muscadines thrived. We discovered that we had to chemically spray the grapes every 10 days in order to get a crop, while the Muscadines continued to flourish without the use of pesticides. Muscadines are native to this area. They grow wild in the woods here. Rather than drenching the grapes in chemicals, we decided to do the right thing, and grow what grows here well: Muscadines! All other grape vines were pulled up and Muscadines were planted in their place. The results have been phenomenal! Georgia Winery has been growing Muscadines without the use of herbicides or pesticides for over 5 years . The vineyards are beautiful, and healthy, with Muscadines that are lush and bountiful.

Come taste the difference organically grown Muscadines can make in a wine. Growing grapes where they want to grow makes for happy grapes and a happy wine.

Health Benefits of the Muscadine: 

  • Works as a sleep aid 
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps lower cholesterol
  • Potent anti-cancer properties
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • Defends against free radicals
  • Anti-inflammatory components
  • Longevity & anti-aging powers
  • Healthy for heart and blood vessels
  • Good for digestive & immune systems
  • Has 10 times more reservatrol than typical red wine